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Create Own SMS Gateway

lar service which used to send a short message to someone via cell phone. To send a message would require a gateway to the dissemination of information by using SMS.
Are you interested to create your own sms gateway, so you can provide a free sms service on your sites?
Nowadays, many websites that provide a free sms service, even now you can also create your own free sms service on your website in a way that is not too difficult.
How to build your own sms gateway?

1. First you need Gammu software and MySQL. Gammu is an application to build a sms gateway which connects between the mobile operator with the internet. Even Gammu can also be used to make a voice call and is available for Windows and Linux platforms. While MySQL is used as database server.
You can download Gammu application here.

2. Then install Gammu in the root directory or in the C drive on Windows platform.

3. Perform Gammu configuration by editing the “GAMMURC” file located in the Gammu installation directory. You’ll find the two parameters that you have to fill the ‘Port’ and ‘Connection’.
‘Port’ parameter must match with the the cell phone port number which attached to computer. Make sure that your cell phone driver already installed properly on the computer. To find the cell phone port number can be seen on the “Phone and Modem Options” in the Contorl Panel.
Port = com3:
Connection = at115200

4. Next, do test the connection by going into the Gammu installation directory via DOS Command Prompt, then type “gammu identify” command like the example below.
example: C:\gammu>gammu identify
If you see information about your cell phone connection, such as Model, Revision, Manufacture, and IMEI, then the configuration has been successfully done, but if it does not show information about your cell phone connection, then it is likely configuration is not correct, check the parameters of the ‘Port’ and ‘Connection ‘in step no. 3.

5. The next step is to create the MySQL database are Gammu required as SMS Gateway. You can also use other server database application that you are more familiar know other than MySQL.
Create a database using phpMyAdmin, as for example with the name ‘sms’. Then create new tables are needed for Gammu. You can see the Gammu required database tables in the ‘mysql-table.sql’ file located on the Gammu installation directory.

6. Perform configuration daemon on Gammu SMS for automated reading process SMS messages sent or received and then stored in a database.
Open the file ‘SMSDRC’ located on Gammu installation directory, then edit using a text editor such as Notepad. The following parameters must be configured:
port = port number
connection = connection type
service = mysql (if using MySQL)
user = username account on the server
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