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5 Android Apps To Protect Your Phone.

Android Apps To Protect Your Phone

Security is a major concern because of the recent hacking incidents with many organizations. Mobile security is also another area of concern. Since Android phones comprise nearly 47 percent of the smartphone market, Android phones are increasingly being targeted by cyber criminals. With the increase, there is an increased chance that you too will encounter malware. So, what can be done about it?

Posted By: Haxjer Hunt

Best Gadget 2013

Best Gadget in 2013 - India IT Guys

10. Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 1020
Harry McCracken / TIME
Every modern wireless phone is a cameraphone, but this Lumia is something new: a phonecamera. Its oversized sensor packs 41 megapixels of resolution; you can capture the most detailed phone snapshots you’ve ever seen, and zoom in without reducing your pictures to a blocky mess. (You have to download the high-res versions to a computer via USB cable, but it’s worth the effort.) Even iPhone and Android fans who thought they couldn’t care less about Windows Phones might find themselves smitten with this one.

Posted By: Haxjer Hunt

Top 10 Websites To Test Coding Online

websites+for+online+codingIn this article I want to outline 10 interesting web apps for testing your code online. All of these apps require an Internet connection, and some of the more advanced editors offer pro plans to upgrade your account features. But most of these tools will surely come in handy when you’re scrambling to debug a block of JavaScript or PHP.
Modern trends and webapps have dramatically changed the way web developers can build. Obviously you need some type of IDE to code new files and save them for deployment. But what about just testing your code snippets? There are more tools available now than ever before!

Posted By: Akash

3 Ways to Look Like Aamir Khan in Dhoom 3


So you have been struck by the cupid? Congratulations. How are those sleepless nights going mate? And what about the butterflies that flutter in your stomach every time you see her? We are assuming you are suffering from the ‘silent Romeo syndrome’. However, it is time to break the ice.
We have been doing some research and as expected a huge strength of girls have been going gaga over Amir’s new look in Dhoom 3. His jaw dropping new appearance has won him some hearts and many guys are craving to emulate that ultra cool look. So here we go with some essentials that you can own and woo your pretty crush with:

Posted By: Akash

Create shutdown and logoff shortcut in windows 7

Today's tutorial will show you how to create Shutdown and Log off  Shortcuts on Desktop. It is very useful, you don't need to go start wizard to shutdown or logoff your computer, by following this tutorial you can do this task by
one click. It will save lot of time when you are hurry. It stands very helpful when a particular program of your computer hangs. Because when a program hangs you may not able to go to start menu to shutdown your computer. I have found this tutorial on the web and find it very interesting  and eagerly waiting to share with you. Hope you will like. I suggest you even if you don't want to create shutdown and logoff shortcuts on desktop do learn this trick because you can use it as a prank to amaze your friends.

Follow the following steps carefully

A) To create Shutdown shortcut

1) Right click on Desktop and go to New and then Shortcut

Posted By: Haxjer Hunt

Joins Colt on Android Sniper System

General Dynamics Canada and Colt Canada are working together to plug Colt’s Sniper Weapon & Observer Reconnaissance Devices system into the battlefield network.
Colt showed off the SWORD system earlier this year at the Association of the United States Army’s annual meeting. The Android-based system joins weapon-mounted surveillance and targeting devices with ruggedized smartphone-like technology, Colt officials maintain.

The SWORD system is designed to bring situational-awareness information directly to the solider via his weapon and it will be offered as an alternative to radio-centric individual soldier systems. Based on commercial components, the SWORD system provides power, data and navigation infrastructure within the weapon, including GPS and inertial navigation for GPS-denied situations, Colt officials maintain.

Posted By: Akash

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