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11 Hidden Windows Secrets and Tricks

Posted By: Haxjer Hunt

How To Setup/Host Custom Domain On Blogger

Blogger has already introduced custom domain name. If you purchase a domain name through Blogger, there’s no issue in setting it up because Blogger automatically configures CNAME. However if you purchased the domain name separately, you have to manually configure it. This post I’m going to show you how to host your own domain name on Blogger.
Mainly you have to follow 4 major steps, they are:
  1. Adding custom domain on Blogger
  2. Getting your domain ownership verification token
  3. Change DNS (Domain Name System) settings
  4. Verifying Domain name ownership on Blogger
If you don’t have a Blogger account first you have to create it, if you have a Google account you already have a Blogger account, so just log-in to Blogger.

Step 1: Adding custom domain on Blogger

  1. Go to http://www.blogger.com/.
  2. Now if you already have a blog, select which blog should use the new custom domain name.
  3. Go to your selected blog's “Settings > Basic”. blogger settings

Posted By: Akash

Borders in Blogger Template

In Blogger default templates (like Minima), you can see that all kinds of borders are present. Borders around header, borders between posts and sidebar gadgets....In the control menu, Fonts and colors, we are allowed just to change the color of the border. But there's so much more to it....

First, let's check the styles for the borders that we can use:
  • none: no border at all
  • dotted: series of dots.
  • dashed: series of short line segments.
  • solid: single line segment.
  • Double: two solid lines.
  • Groove: 'carved' into the canvas.
  • ridge: like it is coming out of the canvas.
  • inset: like it is embedded in the canvas.
  • outset: like it is coming out of the canvas. 

Posted By: Haxjer Hunt

Customize Quotes in Blogger

We're going to learn how to customize the quotes in Blogger. By customize, I mean changing the looks of it, giving it some color, borders, background.....changing size of it, font, style...

Quotes are used for quoting. Heh. Quoting defines:

► repeating or copying the words of another, usually with acknowledgment of the source
► citing or referring for illustration or proof
► repeating a brief passage or excerpt

Default quotes ain't much of a fun. Really. They are rather dull. And blank.
When you're composing the Post, and want to make a quotation, you will:

► highlight the part of the text that will be a quote
► and click on the quote button in the Blogger toolbar
This will change highlighted part into a quote, with a default design, and that is:

Posted By: Haxjer Hunt

Paisa Swipe :Earn money through Android lockscreen

Paisa Swipe: Earn money through Android lock screen

Download Link:  Paisa swipe


All you have to do is to Signup and app starts downloading automatically.


PAISA SWIPE BETA – India’s No.1 Mobile Lock Screen Ad/Content Discovery Network
You can earn up to 300 rupees per month just by unlocking your lock screen, which is the easiest money you will ever make.
Besides getting free money to pay your bills we will also give away lots of awesome free prizes to lucky active users!
You can even get cash back on certain products purchased through a Paisa Swipe! (Look for the Paisa Swipe cash back symbol on the lock screen display)
Get Interactive updates on News, Fashions, Bollywood, Hollywood, E-books, Entertainment, Arts, real time location based offers, and more!
You can get all new trends and news right on your lock screen!
It's time to ditch that boring old lock screen for a smarter one. One that pays you!
Please Note: In Beta we may not have many advertisers but we are working diligently at that so that in the future you will get to earn more per month.
Not all ads are the same. The amount of payout will vary depending on the type of advertisement/offer served.

Posted By: Haxjer Hunt

Kali Linux introducing Emergency Self Destruct feature to Full Disk Encryption

Kali Linux introducing Emergency Self Destruct feature to Full Disk Encryption

Full disk encryption is expected to be the top security technology to be adopted this year. Take a moment to think about the information that is present on your personal computer, i.e. Photos, passwords, emails, Important documents from work or Financial data and trade secrets.

Many of us from the Security Industry obviously have enough confidential and important data regarding our work, source codes, or researches stored in our laptops or systems.

Posted By: Haxjer Hunt

Change Windows Logon Sound to Your Name

Hello friends Today i will tell you the trick to create windows log on sound with your name.....
To do this plz follow the following steps...

(1) First of all open notepad from your computer.
(2)Copy and Paste the below code in notepad..

Dim speaks, speech
Set speech=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
speech.Speak speaks

(3)Change the (Akash) To that you want,,suppose ur name,,then pc speaks your name...

(4)after Step3 Save file to the desktop with name (Name.vbs). Also don't forget to change the Save As type to All types..
(5)Then Go to Start>>all programs>>startup
(6)In startup Right click and open it..
(7)Drag or Paste Name.vbs Into it...

Done Done Done
Now When you logn your pc,,,your pc speaks that you want..

Posted By: Haxjer Hunt

How to use goal seek With an example

Question:- How to use goal seek. Give an example?
1.      Click on the Data tab.
2.      Choose What-If Analysis from the ribbon to open the drop down list.
3.      Click on Goal Seek... in the list to bring up the Goal Seek dialog box.
4.      Now fill the dialog box according to your need.
Example Of Goal Seek:
Enter the following data into the cells indicated:
Cell Name

The value 50 should appear in cell A3. Because of Addition Formula

Altering the Addition using Goal Seek
1.      Click on the Data tab.
2.      Choose What-If Analysis from the ribbon to open the drop down list.
3.      Click on Goal Seek... in the list to bring up the Goal Seek dialog box.
4.      In the dialog box, click on the Set cell: line.

Posted By: Haxjer Hunt

How To Install Android On Your PC


Android is an open source operating system (OS) for mobile devices. I’ve been a big fan since I started using it a few months ago, I seriously doubt that I could go back to iOS. Android is usually installed on smartphones and tablets, though it has been ported to various other platforms, including X86. Today I’m going to show you how to install Android on PC.

Posted By: Haxjer Hunt

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