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Paisa Swipe :Earn money through Android lockscreen

Paisa Swipe: Earn money through Android lock screen

Download Link:  Paisa swipe


All you have to do is to Signup and app starts downloading automatically.


PAISA SWIPE BETA – India’s No.1 Mobile Lock Screen Ad/Content Discovery Network
You can earn up to 300 rupees per month just by unlocking your lock screen, which is the easiest money you will ever make.
Besides getting free money to pay your bills we will also give away lots of awesome free prizes to lucky active users!
You can even get cash back on certain products purchased through a Paisa Swipe! (Look for the Paisa Swipe cash back symbol on the lock screen display)
Get Interactive updates on News, Fashions, Bollywood, Hollywood, E-books, Entertainment, Arts, real time location based offers, and more!
You can get all new trends and news right on your lock screen!
It's time to ditch that boring old lock screen for a smarter one. One that pays you!
Please Note: In Beta we may not have many advertisers but we are working diligently at that so that in the future you will get to earn more per month.
Not all ads are the same. The amount of payout will vary depending on the type of advertisement/offer served.

What is Paisa Swipe BETA
1. Unlocking your lock screen gets you money in a smart and easy way!
- Just unlocking earns you money up to 300 rupees per month.
- If you refer your friends to download the application then you increase your chances of winning the referral prizes!
- With the money you earned from this app, you are able to buy products, cash out, and give donations!
2. You can get up to date local offers the moment they are issued!
- What if you want to get fresh daily local deals and offers easily without searching for them on Paisa Swipe!
- If you want to travel and effortlessly view nearby location based offers on the go then Paisa Swipe!
- Want to stay relevant with the latest trends in technology, fashion and beauty? Then Paisa Swipe!
3. Fun and exciting
- Keep up to current events
- In boring pastime or commute, you can watch upcoming movie trailers simply and easily!
- You can also read best sellers on your lock screen from fictions to non-fictions!
- You can see amazing exclusive offers and bonuses that aren't found anywhere else!

Here u can see my earning:

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