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5 Creepy Cartoon Fan Theories That Make Way Too Much Sense

#2. Hey Arnold! Is Actually About Helga (and Super Depressing)

Nickelodeon Animation Studio
Hey Arnold! follows Arnold, a fourth grader who lives with his grandparents, and the trials and experiences he has with his friends in a large city. If you've ever turned on Nickelodeon for more than five seconds, you've seen this shit.
Nickelodeon Animation Studio
His brain is the size of a watermelon, but he still can't pick appropriate-size clothing?

Posted By: Haxjer Hunt

Windows XP support ends April 8, RBI warns banks on ATM operations

Banking operations, including ATM services, may be hit as support from Microsoft for Windows XP operating system will end from April 8.
Banking operations, including ATM services ,may
 be hit as support from Microsoft for Windows
 XP operating system will end from April 8.
MUMBAI: Banking operations, including ATM services, may be hit as support from Microsoft for Windows XP operating system will end from April 8, the RBI has said asking banks to take immediate steps to control this.

The end of support for Windows XP is likely to increase the probability of attacks on such a system and may affect ATM operations as well, RBI said.

"The probability of attacks on such a system may increase and it may be difficult to defend such attacks in the absence of Microsoft support," RBI said in a notification addressed to the banks.

Microsoft will stop issuing updates and patches for bugs in its Windows XP operating systems, which was released in 2001, from April 8, 2014.

"As some of your systems, including ATMs, may still be working on Windows XP, you are advised to take immediate steps to implement appropriate systems and controls in this regard," it added.

Posted By: Haxjer Hunt

Get Free Recharge with cadbury’s 5 star

win with 5star free recharge or ringtone

win with 5star free recharge or ringtone

Today, i am going to share all new free recharge trick. Actually its not a trick but a limited time offer from cadbury’s 5 start company. In this offer company is offering a promo code printed on every 5 star chocolate. You have give a miscall on a toll free number and you will get a call back immediately and will ask you to enter promo code. On entering promocode, you will get sms on your number with coupon code of Rs.10 free recharge which can be redeem on paytm.com for free.

win with 5star free recharge

Follow These step:

Posted By: Haxjer Hunt

Recharge Unlimited With App Called Hike

As u all know hike is one of the messenger that gives reward to invites ur frendz successfully,So the tricks started with it... 


1)At first you need to download youwave on ur PC.Make a google for it or Dowoload from here: http://uptobox.com/toxu0v6q8jqy

2)Second,u must have an Android Phone (2.3 or next) or u have to Download Bluestucks
Android Apps Player..

3)You need to Download latest verison Hike.apk..Make another google for it..


1.Instal Hike on ur Android or in ur Bluestacks..And sign in with ur number in which u want to recharge.Don't instal in Youwave.

2.Invites ur frendz from ur number..Goto Hike MENU.

Posted By: Haxjer Hunt

How To Increase Download Speed in IDM by IDM Optimizer

increase-download-speed-in-idmAs we all know IDM (Internet Download Manager) is one of the leading download manager in the world. It is used by so many users worldwide. It having the ability to increase the speed of downloading than any other download manager. To increase the speed of downloading in IDM we have one great application called IDM optimizer.
IDM Optimizer: This software is doing nothing but creates some registry entry and modify some important registry of IDM. IDM has the registry of connection speed and max number of connection which is been modified by this IDM Optimizer software. This will help to increase download speed in IDM.

Posted By: Haxjer Hunt

15 Animated Gifs That Have A Totally Different Meaning In Reverse

A wise man once said “time is a flat circle.” I don’t know what that means, but it did get me thinking about how we only understand a fraction of our reality and experience it linear, limited faction , and also how cool it would be to see some animated gifs in reverse. HERE ARE THOSE FUNNY REVERSE GIFS. Most of them are completely different in reverse. But then so are most things, except the word TACOCAT.


revese gif GTFO

Posted By: Haxjer Hunt

5 Mistakes That Game Publisher Make Over and Over


5 Mistakes That Game Publisher Make Over and Over

Being a multi-billion dollar a year industry would to many be a sign that things are being done well. However for every game that does well and breaks the bank, there are scores that fail to find an audience, largely go unnoticed, or worse, cause a developer to fail.
I worked at both Monolith and Sierra as I was starting out as a film and game
journalist so I have seen how this system works up close and personally for several years in addition to over 20 years as a game journalist.
With that in mind, let us look at the five biggest mistakes that game companies make that often lead to disaster.

Posted By: Haxjer Hunt

100+ Latest Free Blogger Templates – New Additions

Free Blogger Templates for you to download and use for your blogSpot blogs. Over hundreds of updated and new free blogger templates.
Blogger or BlogSpot has become one of the biggest platform for blogging now a days. Blogging grew tremendously in the year 2013 and will continue to grow in 2014 as well. As we all know that blogs are a great way to share and interact with people. Blogger blogs are simple, easy to use and comes with some already installed Free Blogger Templates but it does not limit you with them. You not only can choose the already available templates but can use any available Free Blogger Templates for your blog.
Today I am showcasing over 100+ Free Blogger Templates for you to use in your blogger blogs. These Free Blogger Templates are so versatile that they can be used on a variety of different blog types. Some of the categories covered in this post for blogger templates are Education, Magazine, Responsive, Technology, Animation, Videos, Multimedia, News, Diary and lot more.
I really hope that you will like this post on Free Blogger Templates and if you do then please share this post as sharing will help this post grow and other people can also take some benefit from this post. Keep visiting ZenTek as all posts on this blog are updated constantly.

Posted By: Haxjer Hunt

Bitcoin exchange CEO found dead in Singapore

The American CEO of a Bitcoin and virtual currency exchange was found dead in her Singapore apartment late last month, multiple sources report.

Autumn Radtke, 28, was CEO of First Meta, a virtual currency exchange based in Singapore.The company allowed users to buy and sell virtual currencies, as well as exchange national currencies for virtual currencies and virtual currencies for national currencies, according to Forbes.

On the website Quora, Radtke described her company as a virtual currency exchange that takes "virtual currencies and pay out real $ via paypal."

Posted By: Haxjer Hunt

C Programming if, if..else and Nested if...else Statement

The if, if...else and nested if...else statement are used to make one-time decisions in C Programming, that is, to execute some code/s and ignore some code/s depending upon the test expression.

C if Statement

if (test expression) {
       statement/s to be executed if test expression is true;
The if statement checks whether the text expression inside parenthesis ( ) is true or not. If the test expression is true, statement/s inside the body of if statement is executed but if test is false, statement/s inside body of if is ignored.

Flowchart of if statement

Branching in C programming language using if statement

Posted By: Haxjer Hunt

Direct Free Calling To Anywhere in India | Why Pay If Calling Is Free

Hello Friends, good to see you again in ZenTek. We will not take your more time so come to direct main point. Today ZenTek is going to share a direct calling tricks working absolutely fine talk as much as you want.

Special Features Of This Offer

  • Fast, Clear & Digital Sound.
  • Easy To Use
  • Unlimited Calls.


Posted By: Haxjer Hunt

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