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Spice Smartwatch At Rs. 3,999


Homegrown handset maker Spice Retail Ltd. launched a new smartwatch with dual SIM support at a price of Rs. 3,999. To be exclusively launched with HomeShop18 form 11 July, the ‘Smart Pulse M 9010’ features a 4-cm touch-screen that allows users to make and receive calls (using the Bluetooth headset provided free with the watch), read and write SMS and browse web.

Posted By: Akash

Get alerted when someone unfriends you on Facebook

For many people, Facebook is the dominant way to stay in touch with their friends, family members, classmates, colleagues and acquaintances. There would be hardly any one in your social circles who uses the internet but not Facebook. Unlike Twitter where you don’t necessarily have to follow back your followers and vice versa, Facebook still uses the classic ‘Friends’ feature, allowing users to add each other in a snap. You get a notification when someone sends or accepts your friends requests. and the list of all your friends can be viewed under one roof. However, Facebook doesn’t send a notification or inform you in any manner if any of your existing friends suddenly decides to unfriends you on the social network. That’s where the Chrome extension Unfriends Notify For Facebook comes to the rescue. As the name implies, it lets you view the list of people who have unfriended you on Facebook.

Posted By: Akash

How to Customize Send to Menu in Windows

We all love windows and it’s easy interface and ability to alter and enhance it’s most features according to our likings.One of the most used option in the right­ click menu is the “send to” command. You also must have used this numerous times to send a file to any external drive or to the desktop, or simply zip it!

Now you can remove those unwanted shortcut in the send to menu which appear after installing some Applications or you just want to add your own application or folder for easy access easily by following the steps below.

In Windows Explorer, right­click a file/folder, and then point to Send To. On the menu that appears, click the destination where you want to send your file. The file is sent to or archived/activated by the destination that you select.

Destinations on the “Send To” menu may or may not include any of the following by default depending on your OS and OS version:

Posted By: Akash

How to control the noise and speed of your fans

How to control the noise and speed of your fans :-
If your Laptop and Desktop PC are creating a Noise, then it,s time to control the noise and speed of your fans with SpeedFan Application.
SpeedFan is a program that monitors voltages, fan speeds and temperatures in computers with hardware monitor chips. SpeedFan can even access S.M.A.R.T. info and show hard disk temperatures.
SpeedFan supports SCSI disks too. SpeedFan can even change the FSB on some hardware (but this should be considered a bonus feature).
SpeedFan can access digital temperature sensors and can change fan speeds accordingly, thus reducing noise.

Posted By: Akash

How to Use Android Mobile Camera As Pc WebCam

How to use Android Mobile as PC Webcam 
I think many of peoples have not Web cam and many are using web cam for video chat but here I will show you how you can use android mobile camera as PC Web cam for make online video chats and calls.
Why you should use Android Mobile Camera? Why not separate Web cam.
Android mobiles have at least 5 to 12 Mega pixel cameras and if use other cams that only 2 MP cameras there is written many fake specs on camera but all are fake. A Good camera is for at least 50$ so why you don’t use android mobile phone if you have. Show better result with android mobile cameras.
Key Feature:
  • Free of Cost
  • Save money for Separate camera
  • Good Camera Result
  • No need for Light if need then On Night Mods
  • No Need Wire it will work on wireless base.

Posted By: Akash

How to Use Your Android Phone as a Wireless Speaker??

There are a couple of various reasons for wanting to have an wireless speaker for your laptop or computer. One would be for potability or the freedom to not trip on wires. As for myself, it’s because of my faulty audio jack. Its current state is that, whenever I plug in a headset, it only plays on the left ear at below average volume. It will only play on both ears if I adjust the way the pin is inserted. Most of the time it will require to have the pin inserted mid-way for it to work as intended but even that kind of solution is temporal only. So seeing as I have a “smart” phone, why not use it instead right?

  1. Download SoundWire Server from http://georgielabs.cjb.net/.
  2. Download and install SoundWire from Google Play.
  3. Install the SoundWire Server.
  4. Run the server and take note of the IP address displayed on it.

Posted By: Akash

Free voice call (Mobile to Mobile) in India

Call for free anywhere in India. Site2sms provides the facility to make call between two numbers for free. Even though its a good platform for free calls, Site2sms have some limitations. There is time limitation for the call duration. It takes a few minutes to connect the call.


1. You request a call to your friend's number in site2sms.com

2.You and your friend will receive a call from site2sms.com

3. If both pick the call, you can talk each other


Posted By: Akash

Automatically Downloads Subtitles in VLC Player

Automatically Downloads Subtitles in VLC Player :-
VLC media player is a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols without external codec or program.It can also be used as a server to stream in unicast or multicast in IPv4 or IPv6 on a high-bandwidth network.
Today i am going to show you How to Automatically downloads subtitles in VLC Player ?
vlsub is a VLC extension to download subtitles from opensubtitles.org .
->Extract it
->run windows_installer.bat file

Posted By: Akash

Shortcut makes you smarter. Keyboard shortcuts also helps computer users to perform any works in smarter , better and faster way. Welcome Friends, In this tutorial I am going to show you how to make your own keyboard shortcut key to open the program in windows PC. Using this technique, we hope your performance of doing a particular job will increase.

Posted By: Akash

Facebook SDK Vulnerability Puts Millions Of Smartphone User At Risk

facebook sdk access token hacking
Security researchers from MetaIntell, the leader in intelligent led Mobile Risk Management (MRM), have discovered a major security vulnerability in the latest version of Facebook SDK that put millions of Facebook user's Authentication Tokens at risk.

Facebook SDK for Android and iOS is the easiest way to integrate mobile apps with Facebook platform, which provides support for Login with Facebook authentication, reading and writing to Facebook APIs and many more.

Facebook OAuth authentication or ‘Login as Facebook’ mechanism is a personalized and secure way for users to sign into 3rd party apps without sharing their passwords. After the user approves the permissions as requested by the application, the Facebook SDK implements the OAuth 2.0 User-Agent flow to retrieve the secret user’s access token required by the apps to call Facebook APIs to read, modify or write user's Facebook data on their behalf.

It is important that your secret token is never shared with anyone, but researchers found that Facebook SDK Library stores it in an unencrypted format on the device’s file system, which can be accessed easily even on a non-rooted Android or jailed iOS Device.

With just 5 seconds of USB connectivity, Access token is available on iOS via juice jacking attack, no jailbreak needed and on Android file system, it can be accessed via recovery mode which is tricker and require more time.” Chilik Tamir, Chief architect for MetaIntell told The Hacker News.

Moreover, any 3rd party smartphone application with permission to access device file system can read this file and able to steal users’ Facebook access tokens remotely, he said.

Researchers dubbed the vulnerability as “Social Login Session Hijacking.”. Once exploited, could allow an attacker to access victim’s Facebook account information using access token and session hijacking method.

Researchers published a Youtube video, demonstrating the reported vulnerability in one of the most popular messaging application ‘VIBER’ for iOS.
All those iOS and Android apps are vulnerable to this attack, who are using Facebook SDK for app login and storing users unencrypted access token on the device, Chilik Tamir told The Hacker News in an email.
MetaIntell has identified that 71 of the top 100 free iOS apps use the Facebook SDK and are vulnerable, impacting the over 1.2 billion downloads of these apps. Of the top 100 Android apps, 31 utilize the Facebook SDK and therefore make vulnerable the over 100 billion downloads of these apps.” researcher said in a blog post.
MetaIntell team has already informed Facebook Security team about the vulnerability, but it seems that Facebook is not in any mood to update their SDK with a fix.
I followed up with our Platform team to see if there were any changes they wanted to make here: - On the Android side we've concluded that we will not be making any changes: we are comfortable with the level of security provided by the Android OS. - On the iOS side the team is exploring the possibility of moving the access token storage to the keychain in order to comply with best practices.” Facebook replied to MetaIntell after bug report.
Mobile app users are advised to do not use ‘Facebook Login’ option within Mobile apps and disallow apps to use their Facebook login. App Developers are recommended to move their users’ access tokens from device file system to secure online storage with encrypted channel.

Posted By: Akash

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