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How to Customize Send to Menu in Windows

We all love windows and it’s easy interface and ability to alter and enhance it’s most features according to our likings.One of the most used option in the right­ click menu is the “send to” command. You also must have used this numerous times to send a file to any external drive or to the desktop, or simply zip it!

Now you can remove those unwanted shortcut in the send to menu which appear after installing some Applications or you just want to add your own application or folder for easy access easily by following the steps below.

In Windows Explorer, right­click a file/folder, and then point to Send To. On the menu that appears, click the destination where you want to send your file. The file is sent to or archived/activated by the destination that you select.

Destinations on the “Send To” menu may or may not include any of the following by default depending on your OS and OS version:

Learn how you can customize Send to Menu Windows 7/8/Vista:

Disk drives (local or network)

Fax printers


Windows­based programs

Compressed (zipped) folders

The desktop

Mail recipients

The My Documents folder

Add a Destination to the Send To Menu

Learn how you can customize Send to Menu Windows XP:

Compressed (zipped) Folder

Desktop (create shortcut)

Mail Recipient

My Documents

3 1/2 Floppy (A:)

CD Drive

How to­ do?

Firstly, we need to open the “Send To” Folder. To do this,

Open any Explorer Windows and paste the following in the address Bar.


As in the snapshot below :

  • Now you should see some shortcuts in the folder, To delete any entry, simply delete the same.
  • To Add an item, simply copy the desired folder/program and paste its Shortcut in the folder.
  • And now, you would see the shortcut of the folder/program you added in the send to menu as the changes take effect immediately…

Keep in mind that some shortcuts cannot be created there like system files, and make sure to paste valid Shortcuts and not the Program/Folder itself! Hope you liked this easy tutorial to customize Send to Menu in Windows
Stay tuned for more!!

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